Writing. Directing. Creating.


With an imagination forged in the vastness of an unencumbered Milky Way, Chaos Theory relish weaving together archetypes, characters, landscapes and narratives to create a version of reality spun from the threads of the human heart.

Human Head


Squeezing the juice out of Chat GPT is just a part of the process in how we construct scripts, pitches and pilots. Let us help you find the heart of the story.
Cross Bones

Location Management

With 40 years of local knowledge in and around Western Australia and an intimate understanding of permits and bureaucracy, Chaos Theory are here to help make your production a seamless joy. We thrive on a policy of; The Answer is Yes – now what’s the question?



The essence of a person is often revealed in a photograph in a way that is different from so many other mediums. Light, connection, vulnerability – they create a magic and reveal an essence otherwise obscured by the daily grind. Studio, advertising, portrait or BTS. We’d love to capture your project.
Hand Illustration


Web design, illustration and digital presence are the intricate capillaries, feeding the consumers of our sometimes art. Capturing the essence of a story, a film or a brand is a black magic Chaos Theory delight in practising.